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Our Prohibition Distillery Experience

Here at Tentrr, we always strive to provide you with the best possible camping experience you can imagine, and we just upped our game! We have collaborated with the amazing people at Prohibition Distillery to bring you some of the finest bourbon whiskey around. They made us our very own batch that's been barrel-aged for fifteen months to bring out flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, caramel and dark chocolate.


First off, Prohibition Distillery is located inside one of the coolest buildings in the Catskills, the old Roscoe Firehouse. This beautiful building is full of history and now, fantastic spirits. And the name "Prohibition Distillery" is a tribute to the industrious rascals who started the tradition of making great American spirits after the 18th Amendment was passed on January 16, 1920, outlawing sale of liquor.


How Prohibition Distillery Makes Bourbon

This is where the magic happens. And that's Brian Facquet up there, owner of Prohibition Distillery and master of the bourbon universe. Every step of the distillation process is fully monitored by a sophisticated computer that displays temperatures to 1/10th of a degree to control boiling and evaporation rates. But there is as much art as science to distilling delicious bourbon, and Brian constantly turned valves and dials while he explained how it all works. There are variables to account for...like the temperature of the spring water that acts as a coolant and which can fluctuate by two or three degrees as it flows out of the ground into the system. But it all starts with 100% corn - much of it sourced locally - which is ground up and mixed with water to create the "mash". Yeast is added and the mash is fermented. The fermented mash is distilled on Pot stills and their whiskey column (the copper tube in the middle of the picture above with the "portholes" in it). The liquid is boiled into a vapo and then passed through the bottom of the column, and since alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water, the alcohol ascends up the column first (sort of like a coffee percolator) and leaves the water behind. "Bad" alcohols (acetone, acetate and acetaldehyde, which are poisonous) are “cut” away or removed during distillation. Only the purest alcohol aka the hearts remain. Then aged in new charred white oak barrels until the whiskey is done.


The result of distillation is a clear spirit called "white dog". It's put into newly-charred American oak barrels to age, which gives it color and flavor from caramelized sugars in the wood. The batch that Prohibition Distillery made for Tentrr was aged for 15 months in oak casks. After aging, the bourbon is removed from the cask and "proofed". When it comes out of the barrel ("cask strength") the bourbon is about 120 proof (60% alcohol). So it's diluted with purified spring water to bring it down to about 86 proof (43% alcohol). Absolutely delicious and perfect for sipping around a roaring campfire.


Every bottle of special batch Tentrr bourbon has been signed by the founder of Prohibition Distillery. Not only signed but...


...also hand-numbered. Only a limited number of bottles of special batch Tentrr whiskey were created!


Huge thank you to the Prohibition Distillery team. We couldn't be more excited about our custom batch of whiskey! If you want to learn more and meet Brian and his amazing team, get yourself to 10 Union Street in Roscoe, NY. There's a gorgeous tasting room and an outdoor bar with some of the best cocktails anywhere (they also make great vodka and gin). Live music on the weekends through Columbus Day.

Why you should care

This bourbon is for you! The first 50 campers to book their fall Tentrr camping trip will receive their very own bottle of Prohibition Distillery special batch Tentrr bourbon whiskey, shipped right to your door!

Don't wait, plan your Tentrr adventure now!

Remember to bring plenty of wool on your Autumn camping trip to stay cozy and warm!