This Is Why We Tentrr

in CampLife

To start with, we all know that location is key...

With the other guys -


This tent placement is in a very convenient spot near the side of the highway. Right in the 'Danger, Rocks Sliding' area...

With Tentrr -


This tent placement is far more ideal! You have an entire private beach front to yourself in the middle of the woods!

The set up is pretty important as well...

With the other guys -


Something tells me the goal here was not achieved... But it's hard to be sure. What do you think?

With Tentrr -


With the tent already pitched upon an elevated wooden platform, there isn't much you need to do, at all! Oh, did we mention there's a bed inside?

Neighbors make all the difference...

With the other guys -

If you pitch your tent here, you just might hear your neighbor snoring!

With Tentrr -

If you come sleep in this tent, the only babbling you'll hear is from the brook!

Even your equipment could be a make or break...

With the other guys -


Now, we never said the other guys weren't innovative...

With Tentrr -

Tentrr provides a fully-equipped campsite including a large wooded tent platform/deck, a 10’x12’ canvas wall tent with an inflatable queen-sized camp cot, two Adirondack chairs, a Tentrr CampBox, Tentrr Camp Toilet with disposable CleanWaste bags, fire pit, campfire grill, sun shower and even a five-gallon collapsible water container.

But we get it, we can't help with everything...

The other guys -


This camper was so close, not even we could help with this one!

With Tentrr -


But here at Tentrr, we make sure you can bring your furry friend to tuck you in at night!

If you want to try Tentrr, instead of the other guys this time, plan your trip here!