Fall Camping with Tentrr

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The Tentrr Camp Stove

We want you to stay warm and toasty on your Tentrr camping trip. That's why we've installed wood stoves in our tents for the fall season. With some tightly balled-up newspaper, a bit of kindling and a few smaller sticks of firewood, you can achieve tropical temperatures inside your tent while the temperature drops outside. Each stove has a small stainless steel water reservoir attached to its side that acts as a radiator, providing even sustained heat. For those of you lucky enough to have a fall camping trip planned, make sure that the water reservoir is FULL before lighting your fire. If you've never experienced the outdoors like this, trust us, you're in for a treat.
Why Fall Camping is Awesome!
Not only does the temperature start to drop in the fall, allowing you to break out your wooly socks, sweaters and flannels, but the leaves turn electric orange, yellow and red. The insect count decreases and the warmth of the campfire becomes that much more enticing. Hiking with the sound of leaves crackling underfoot while breathing in the brisk air is just a little bit more inspirational. The intimate experience that fall camping provides will relax and rejuvenate you...there are just a few extra preparations that need to be made...

Update Your Packing List:

The trick to Autumn camping is layers! The crisp cool air in the daytime that we all know and love means chilly evenings. The cool night air makes for great sleeping, and even better snuggling, but a few layers are necessary. I always make sure to bring extra layers, the coziest wool socks and my favorite wool hat. Base Layer: A polyester/wool blend is my favorite. Polyester is a good wicking, quick-drying option while the wool adds true warmth. And the key to a base layer is for it to fit snugly. The only way this magic blend can do its job is if it is in contact with your skin. Socks: If I'm hiking, thinner polypropylene hiking socks are ideal, but for hanging around the campfire at night, I want big wooly socks, a wool beanie and maybe even an oversized scarf. And never forget a well-insulated Jacket Layer. Our friends over at The North Face make an awesome, minimal insulated hoodie that I live in during the fall.

An insulated sleeping bag and wool blankets make all the difference in the world. If you show up with the right attire but you don't have warm and cozy blankets and bags, you run the risk of being cold after your camp stove cools down. Our friends over at The North Face make some great sleeping bags that are perfect for keeping you warm on even the chilliest of nights. A night of fall camping at a Tentrr campsite with brilliant stars overhead, a roaring campfire, and maybe a spot of Prohibition Distillery special batch Tentrr bourbon will be an experience you'll never forget. Make sure you come prepared so you can simply enjoy nature's show. (And if you book your fall camping trip now, we'll send you a bottle of this very special bourbon!)

Provisioning Your Fall Camping Trip

There is something magical about cooking dinner over a campfire, taking us back to our roots and reconnecting with a simpler more natural way of life. The downfall, though, is...the prep work. When the weather is chilly and your fingers are moving slower, the last thing you want to do is have to mince garlic for the steak marinade.

Our (simple) trick: Do all the chopping and prep at home before you head out to the woods! (Tentrr Tip: Heavy-duty ZipLoc bags are indispensable for bringing an easy-to-cook meal to your camp). Plan what you're going to eat in advance. Whether you decide on a scrumptious recipe or just mouthwatering burgers grilled over the fire, you can chop the veggies, prepare the meat and measure the spices before you ever leave the house. Then all you need to do when you get to camp is put everything together and cook it up! You'll be very happy that you did this when you're hungry and chilly and ready for dinner! Here's a recipe that might be your new favorite. We tried it with a 2012 Lamadrid Malbec Single Vineyard Reserva that we picked up for about $17. Whoa.

Tentrr Beef Stew: