The Tentrr New Year's Bucket List

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Here at Tentrr, we spend a lot of time outdoors. And this year, we are vowing to make our time outside even more epic. Consider it our New Year's resolution for 2017.

We thought we would share our list of 17 amazing things you can do at Tentrr campsites that are going to make you want to get out there and get after it. And if you want to send us any of your ideas, we'll be sure to add them to the list!

1. Milk a cow

Head up to Griffin Mountain Lookout and give milking a cow your best shot, it's not as easy as it looks!

2. Ride the rapids of the Hudson

Just down the way from Quarry Pond, you can hop in a raft and ride the Hudson!

3. View Mars through a telescope

Make your reservation for Davis Hollow Mountain Meadow and opt in to the 'Star Viewing' extra for your chance to see Mars!

4. Throw a ringer (Horseshoes)

Pioneer Farm, a mere 90 minutes from Union Square, Manhattan, has all the space you need to toss your own ringer!

5. Cook dinner over an open flame

At any and all Tentrr campsites, you will be equipped with a grill to place over your bonfire for gourmet cooking!

6. Swim naked (a.k.a. skinny dip)

Many of our Tentrr campsites offer private swimming holes to complete this daredevil of a task! A good option would definitely be The Farm!

7. Jump off a cliff (into water)

Just a 5 minutes drive from Schoharie Creek, you'll find Fawns Leap, an amazing swimming hole with a totally epic cliff to jump off of!

8. Go eeling (yep, it's a thing)

Right next door to River's Edge, you'll see an eel weir where thousands of pounds of eels get caught every year!

9. Sleep under the stars

All Tentrr campsites have a lack of light pollution allowing for the best star gazing you could imagine. Big Sky just might take the cake though...

10. Float down the Delaware

Swimming Hole in the Sycamores, located right on the river in East Branch makes for an ideal location to just, float.

11. Drink a beer… With a deer

You're nearly guaranteed to see some sort of wild life at all Tentrr campsites but especially at Meadow Lark you just might see a deer while drinking a beer!

12. Mountain bike down Plattekill Mountain

This is an easy one, stay at our campsite right on Plattekill Mountain and the bike park will literally be in your backyard!

13. Visit 17 Tentrr campsites

Take your pick here, which campsite is going to be first?

14. Catch your own dinner

Book your trip to Lothlorien and opt into the 'Fresh Rainbow Trout' extra for your chance to catch your own dinner!

15. Hide (and/or find) a geocache

There is amazing geocaching all around the Catskills for your treasure hunting pleasure, which campsite is closest to your next geocache?

16. Scale (climb) the Gunks

Just a 20 minute drive from Mountain View, you can climb all day then head back to camp for a breathtaking view of your climb!

17. Swim under a waterfall

A private waterfall all to yourself at The Falls is a great way to complete this one!

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