Tentrr Turkey Day Games

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year that brings friends, family and everyone in between together for a great time and even better food. This year, we are trying to spice things up a bit. The Tentrr Turkey Day Games have arrived!

But First To Drink -

To Do -

Turkey Trot

The tradition that we all know and love, the classic 5K trot around the neighborhood in return for a 'turkey tee' and the satisfaction of working off the turkey before you consume it. But did you know that the fastest turkey trotter is called the 'Great Gobbler Galloper' and the original purpose for the turkey trot was to raise money for local soup kitchens so those who didn't think they would get Thanksgiving dinner would be pleasantly surprised!

Mash Dash

This is a newer tradition, one that we are very excited about here at Tentrr because we are MASSIVE fans of the mashed potato. Contrary to the name though, there are no mashed potatoes involved. This is simple a shorted version of the turkey trot for those of us that cannot go for 5K. Also, the quickest mash dasher is referred to as the 'Speediest Spud'.

Waddle before you Gobble hike

One you might not have heard of before is this one. This is much more common in mountainous regions such as the Hudson Valley because as you may have guessed, this is a hike. With the same reasoning and purpose as the turkey trot, the Waddle before you Gobble hike simply steps it up a notch, pun intended.

To Play -

Pin the Gobbler on the Turkey

A more common version of this one, the version that you may have heard of and even participated in before would be 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'. Same concept. Print out your turkey and cut out and tape up your gobblers, blind fold your friend, spin them around a few times then perhaps make them cluck like a chicken. Then give them a gentle push in the general direction of the turkey and see how close they get with the placement of their gobbler!

Turkey Rockets

Now, this is a tricky one. It may require adult supervision and it also includes more supplies than the others. Start by creating your turkey, get craft with it, cut it out and put it aside. Place two chairs about 10 feet apart and tape a string so that it is tightly suspended between the two chairs, but before you tape the second end, thread a straw onto the string. Blow up a balloon, tie it off, tape on your turkey to the side then tape the balloon to the straw. Pull the balloon towards one chair, poke a hole and blast your turkey to the other side! Set up 2 stings to race your turkey rockets!

Thanksgiving Games, Minute to Win it Style

Our personal favorite is this high impact, high stress version of everyones favorite game show, Minute To Win It! Here is a list of the different games you could play. With three different styles of games to play, there is something for everyone from gram to the college student that's too cool for school to the three year old thats sticking her fingers in the pie, oh wait, thats me...