Tentrr Gift Guide 2016

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Whether you're searching for a gift for a loved one or a coworker, a friend or family, we have the perfect gift for you to make anyones day! Along with some things to go with it!

The Tentrr Gift Card has arrived!

The gift to take the cake this holiday season is the gift of camping! With the gift of a Tentrr gift card, you're giving a gift of effortless, secluded camping. Give anyone a Tentrr gift card by going here. All you need to do is decide who is receiving this wondrous gift [could be more than one person], write a note then send it off!

Now for the accompaniment -

For the musical camper -

For that friend that has a passion, scratch that, an obsession with playing the tunes, here is the perfect addition to your Tentrr gift card gift. The best, weatherproof, waterproof, drop proof speakers in the game right now with bluetooth compatibility and battery operated so you don't need electricity, Logitech presents the UE ROLL 2, our favorite color is the 'Volcano' combination, check it out here.

For the foodie camper -

Cooking over the campfire is fantastic, there is no doubt about that. The intimacy that you have with your food and the care you must take to create a great meal is a mission you should not take lightly but when you're cooking sides with that main dish, a little camping stove help might be mission critical. Check out our favorite Coleman stove here.

For the hipster camper -

Whether you're camping in the summer, the winter or either season in between, there is nothing better than a good hat. Our friends over at Westerlind have a hat that we just cannot get enough of. The perfect head topper for any camping occasion, a leisurely stroll through the meadow, a river adventure or a snow shoeing escape, we recommend you add this hat to your Tentrr gift card gifting this year. Check it out here!

For the outdoorsy camper -

Nothing but the best in outdoor equipment for this particular camper, they seem to have everything you need for a flawless camping trip but one thing they probably don't have [besides a Tentrr campsite] is a kick ass, bear-safe, cooler! Now, we have a recommendation for you, our personal favorite, the Yeti cooler. The Yeti Roadie is as they like to say, BYOB's new best friend! Check it out here!

For the glamour camper -

This person most likely over packs and plans for every possible situation. They also might be a bit frazzled about spending their vacation in the great outdoors and might need a bit more glamour to entice them. The best thing for this camper, besides the Tentrr gift card] is a camp crate with the theme of your choosing! The beauty of these crates, is they are a one stop shop! Check them out here!

For the techy camper -

Now this is something that everyone might want, especially with today's obsession with being 'online' at all times, but it is still super cool none the less. We have not only found but partnered with the people that have successfully turned fire into electricity using only wood and a match. Wow. Check it out here.

Recap -

The most important gift to give this year is the Tentrr gift card, definitely make sure you give this gift to all the people you know. P.S. You're welcome to book your Tentrr camping trip for next season, now!