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Leaf Peepin'

The changing leaves of Autumn, the natural wildfire of brilliant orange and flaming red, this is what we wait for all year round and it’s finally here! Our Tentrr campsites have some of the best lookouts for the most spectacular views in the Catskills. These magical views have been enjoyed for generations before us and it’s up to all of us to keep them magical for generations to come. Every step into nature has an impact and it’s up to us to keep

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Best Views in the Catskills

Top 5 Catskill Summits Twin Mountain If you want a serious challenge with an even more serious reward, look no further. Though at times, this trail seems easy enough, you will come to multiple points where you’ll need to give it all you’ve got. That said, the view from the top is breathtaking and well worth the hike. This will take the average hiker about 6 hours round trip but we recommend stopping for lunch along the way, this hike will be the plan

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