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The Best Places to See Fall Leaves Near NYC

It’s no secret that summer is wrapping up! Don’t fret, because with the end of summer comes sweater weather, pumpkin spiced lattes, and the changing color of autumn leaves. We believe the latter is best viewed up close and in person - no better spot than on a gorgeous campsite. Here are some great destinations to experience fall foliage. 1. The Hollow Where to Stay: This campsite is postcard worthy from every angle during the fall. The rustic surroundings only add to the charm

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Tentrr Turkey Day Games

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year that brings friends, family and everyone in between together for a great time and even better food. This year, we are trying to spice things up a bit. The Tentrr Turkey Day Games have arrived! But First To Drink - To Do - Turkey Trot The tradition that we all know and love, the classic 5K trot around the neighborhood in return for a 'turkey tee' and the satisfaction of working off the turkey before you consume it. But

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Trick or Trees

What better way to spend Halloween than in the Catskills, around a campfire telling your best ghost stories while making ghost goo with stick marshmallows?

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Fall Camping with Tentrr

The Tentrr Camp Stove We want you to stay warm and toasty on your Tentrr camping trip. That's why we've installed wood stoves in our tents for the fall season. With some tightly balled-up newspaper, a bit of kindling and a few smaller sticks of firewood, you can achieve tropical temperatures inside your tent while the temperature drops outside. Each stove has a small stainless steel water reservoir attached to its side that acts as a radiator, providing even sustained heat. For those of you lucky

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