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Game of Thrones Inspired Camping in Upstate New York

With the new episode of Game of Thrones airing this Sunday, we are in the medieval mood. The Tentrr office is filled with chatter and speculation of what we might see this Sunday. We believe each of our campsites has a distinct personality, so naturally we had to match those distinct personalities with GoT zones. You can find parts of the Seven Kingdoms right here in the Catskills. Moon Mountain - The Vale Nestled in a forest clearing at 2000 ft elevation, this reminds us of

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The Most Gorgeous Waterfalls Next To Our Campsites

Hike through the Catskills you’ll trip over beautiful scenery. One moment you can just be walking down a seemingly normal trail or taking a non beaten path and stumble on something out of a Tolkien novel. The pictures can’t do these locations justice at no fault of the photographer; you have to go and directly experience these places to get the breathtaking nature of waterfalls surrounded by thick woods. These are some of Tentrr’s favorite falls. 1. Kaaterskill Falls This is a classic.

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Best Views in the Catskills

Top 5 Catskill Summits Twin Mountain If you want a serious challenge with an even more serious reward, look no further. Though at times, this trail seems easy enough, you will come to multiple points where you’ll need to give it all you’ve got. That said, the view from the top is breathtaking and well worth the hike. This will take the average hiker about 6 hours round trip but we recommend stopping for lunch along the way, this hike will be the plan

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The Perfect Catskill Weekend

Here is your itinerary: Whether you’re a hardcore outdoors fan or a annual outdoors enthusiast, a Tentrr campsite will keep everyone happy. Here are a few suggestions for planning the perfect Labor Day weekend adventure. It might seem impossible to fit all the fun things the Catskills have to offer into one weekend and you’d be right, but we are here to help with a few suggestions. One weekend is the perfect amount of time to get a taste of what the Catskills have

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