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5 Campsites That Represent Different Dads

If you've decided to up your Father's Day game this year by booking a great outdoors adventure, we can help you. But what campsite is the best fit for your dad? Well, we can help with that too. We think each campsite has a distinct personality. Here are our "campsite dad" matches. 1. The Nerdy Dad Is your dad a bit of a nerd? Does he have a stash of D&D books under his bed? If your father would rather sell his

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The Most Gorgeous Waterfalls Next To Our Campsites

Hike through the Catskills you’ll trip over beautiful scenery. One moment you can just be walking down a seemingly normal trail or taking a non beaten path and stumble on something out of a Tolkien novel. The pictures can’t do these locations justice at no fault of the photographer; you have to go and directly experience these places to get the breathtaking nature of waterfalls surrounded by thick woods. These are some of Tentrr’s favorite falls. 1. Kaaterskill Falls This is a classic.

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