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Introducing...Our New Campsites!

In case you missed it, our new campsites this week! Poet’s Skyrock Whether you’re a farm-to-table foodie or just enjoy fresh foods, You’ll love this place because of all the incredible produce you can buy directly from the land you’ll be camping on! Our CampKeeper, Vincent, is an organic farmer and welcomes Campers on his land because he wants to share the beautiful ecology of the area and help city slickers appreciate the Catskills. He’s got organic microgreens, blueberries, and even

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Zombie Survival Guide - What Campsite Best Fits Walking Dead Characters

After watching the new Walking Dead trailer, we are looking for a getaway that’s safe for riding out a zombie apocalypse. We put together a list of secluded Tentrr sites to not only survive the undead invasion, but have a good time doing it. Although most of these campsites are 2 to 3 hours from NYC, they are certified zombie proof. We’ve paired each campsite with a Walking Dead character best suited for that location. Check it out! 1. Daryl Dixon at Meadow Lark

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Game of Thrones Inspired Camping in Upstate New York

With the new episode of Game of Thrones airing this Sunday, we are in the medieval mood. The Tentrr office is filled with chatter and speculation of what we might see this Sunday. We believe each of our campsites has a distinct personality, so naturally we had to match those distinct personalities with GoT zones. You can find parts of the Seven Kingdoms right here in the Catskills. Moon Mountain - The Vale Nestled in a forest clearing at 2000 ft elevation, this reminds us of

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Best Campsites for Stargazing

If you look up in the night sky and see nothing but pitch black and the occasional airplane, you probably live in New York City. You’re lucky to see a single star even in deep Brooklyn or Queens. If you’ve found yourself Googling images of stars because you can’t remember the last time you’ve been able to see any, then maybe this list can help you find a campsite. 1. Davis Hollow Mountain Meadow This isn't just a great spot for casual

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