Open Bar

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A Tentrr campsite is a wonderful place. It exists for relaxing and reconnecting with nature and the people you care about.

It’s also a pretty great spot for a drink.

And who doesn’t want to put their feet up by the campfire and enjoy a delicious beverage?

Here is a short list of our favorite Tentrr-approved camp cocktails. These special recipes are tried and true crowd-pleasers…

Tools you will need: An empty water bottle and an adventurous spirit.

1. The Early Bird -

This is the camping version of a brunch cocktail. But it’s no mimosa. Here we use bourbon (extra points if it’s special-edition Tentrr bourbon from Prohibition Distillery). Mix a shot into your morning cup of joe with a splash of half-and-half and you have a great way to start your camping day. Sip while sitting beside a roaring campfire.

2. Old Settler -

Playing off of the well-loved Old Fashioned, we have the camping version. Start with your adventurous spirit and mix two shots of bourbon (Tentrr bourbon, if you have it) with a healthy dollop of real Catskills maple syrup and a healthy splash of club soda. Now we’re talkin’.

3. Dirtbag Margarita -

Being classy and getting the job done do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. This cocktail is a case in point and also a winter-time classic. We will definitely be serving it to our VIPs at Tentrr Aprés Ski on Plattekill Mountain this winter! (more on that in our next posting). So, drink half of a lemon-lime Gatorade. Fill the bottle back to three quarters full with your favorite tequila. Fill the rest with fresh snow (strictly off-piste). Screw the top on, shake well and enjoy. You’re welcome, ski bums.

Tentrr Specialties -

Your turn! Plan your Tentrr adventure today and tell us about the awesome recipes you come up with by the campfire.