Dog Days of Tentrr

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If dogs could speak, this is how they would review Tentrr...

Rocky - Mother, you have done right by me, this is where I belong. I have never felt so alive, all a dog needs is his squeaky ball and some woods to run in. I will do without the swimming lessons next time though, no need for that. Please let us stay here forever, if you really love me we don't have to go back to the city!! Unless you bribe me with bacon, then maybe I'll consider returning...

Ruby - Guess what dad, I'm not leaving. The Ruby lives here now. This mountainside has everything I need, please come visit often and don't forget to send me food and treats and squeaky toys and my ball.

Foxy - Thank you so much for bringing me to this Tentrr campsite, I'm only a little upset that you've never shown me this heavenly place before but I'll get over it! The open fields, the one on one time with you, the smells I've never before smelt, oh my goodness, I just love you so much. Pet my face. Okay, I'm gonna go find more smells, maybe I'll roll in one this time!!

Rufio - The Rufio is beyond happy right now. Can we bring this pond home with us?? I think we can, it just might fit in the trunk!! I would use it everyday, I would swim and bark at the water then when I was done I would lay on the edge and stare at it. Then anytime something would disturb the water I would tell you all about it!!! Thanks for taking me Tentrring, dad!

Kaya - Oh mom, where to I begin. You've found me my own personal deck in the middle of no where that I don't have to share with anyone! The wildlife is just beautiful to look at from here, and it stays over there. This campsite is so majestic, I just dream about places like this and now we are here! Tickle my belly, so I know its real!