The Most Gorgeous Waterfalls Next To Our Campsites

in Catskills, Campsites

Hike through the Catskills you’ll trip over beautiful scenery. One moment you can just be walking down a seemingly normal trail or taking a non beaten path and stumble on something out of a Tolkien novel. The pictures can’t do these locations justice at no fault of the photographer; you have to go and directly experience these places to get the breathtaking nature of waterfalls surrounded by thick woods. These are some of Tentrr’s favorite falls.

1. Kaaterskill Falls

This is a classic. It’s gorgeous and has a hiking trail that runs along the side, not to mention a swimming hole! Just a quick 17-minute drive from our Schoharie Creek location!

2. Plattekill Falls

This is perfectly located in the Catskills park! It isn’t too much of a hike to get to it. But every step is worth it. The pictures can’t do this one justice, you just have to go there. Located in Catskills Park it’s only a 9 min drive from Meadow Lark!

3. Old Mills Falls, Platte Clove

Old Mills FallsThis is one of the quietest on the list. If you’re looking for the perfect place to sit and decompress, this is the place. It’s an easy walk! This location is also located in Catskill Park, our closest location to this waterfall is Streamside Paradise, a 10 min drive!

4. Vernoony Kills Falls

This shallow little spot is an excellent spot to dip your toes in! Bring a sack lunch and make a day of sitting by Vernon Falls. Perfect for kiddos. Our closest location is Starlight, Starbright it’s about a 15-20 min drive!

5. Buttermilk Waterfall, Peekamoose

Meadow Lark When you hear Buttermilk Waterfall you probably think of the spot in Ithaca New York, but have you heard of this little gem? It’s one of those perfectly hidden little treasures, if you decide to visit you’ll most likely have the place to yourself, and what is cooler than having a waterfall to yourself? It’s a 35 min drive from Woodstock Mountains and Ponds!