How To Spend It

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The Tentrr Gift Card -

This is the gift of gifts, the thing to give if you want to be the coolest person in your secret santa pool. Giving the gift of an experience, is equal to giving someone the best weekend of their year. All with one gift card!

The Weekend Getaway -

With a $300 gift card, you will without a doubt have a fantastic weekend of camping. By giving someone this gift, they could have an entire weekend under the stars, frolicking in their private meadow, even swimming in their private swimming hole. You will be able to completely disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself, and the loved ones you bring with you.

Not only will you have a great 2 nights of camping, you will be able to opt into any of the extras you want! Extras are not necessary but they definitely add to the already awesome Tentrr experience!

Night Under the Stars -

With a $150 gift card, you can have one amazing night under a sky full of stars at your own private campsite. The gift of camping is potentially the single best gift you could give someone else. This is giving them the opportunity to create their own experience. Whether you're a camper who wants a night away with that special someone or a fun night away with your friends, you can do it at a Tentrr campsite!

This gift of a $150 gift card would cover the whole night at the campsite and even allow them to opt into an extra or two!

The Tentrr Extra -

With a $50 gift card, you can opt into just about any extra our CampKeepers have to offer. From a 'Deluxe Sleep Dream Kit' comprised of luxurious sheets, down blankets, cushy pillows and cozy blankets, to a 'Kitchen Set and Pantry' comprised of a 2 burner camp stove, cast iron pot and pan, plates and so much more.

Both of these extras are amazing additions you can opt into that the CampKeepers provide to enhance your camping experience. These are only naming 2 of the amazing opportunities our CampKeeps share with our campers!

How would you spend your Tentrr gift card?