Family Friendly Activities Upstate

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If you’re a parent in New York, you know that yesterday was the last day of school. That means a few things: your kids are super excited and they have a lot of free time. Get out and do some family friendly activities that will create memories that can last a lifetime. Here are some cool things you can do as a family that you and your children are sure to enjoy.

1. Scenic Hiking Trail

Country Road

Catskills Scenic Trail is easy and fun to walk. This path lets you take a leisurely stroll through a beautiful landscape. The view is enough to make any person put down their screens and spend the day in a cathedral of trees. If you want to make a weekend out of it, here’s the closest Tentrr site: Zeleny Les

2. Canoeing

East Branch

Dat noe noe Get the family out on the water this summer. No prior experience required. It is fun at any level. Throw on a life jacket and get ready to get wet! You and your kids can feel like rugged outdoorsmen! Check out River’s Edge for canoe rentals.

3. Leisurely Bike Ride


If you’re interested in family friendly cycling, Windham Path is a great trail for the family. It isn’t a high-impact trail, but a paved road that requires little peddling. You can’t get a more charming trail. The bike path is a short drive from The Hollow, which also features an amazing swimming spot!

4. Pond Fishing

Frog Pond

Pond fishing is perfect for beginners, no need to be an experienced fisherman. Take your family to a stocked pond and sit out. If you’ve never been fishing before, just bring a couple of fishing poles, a tackle box, and some chairs. Many of our sites offer pond fishing. Lothlorien and Frog Pond are some of the most popular.

5. Visiting a Farm


If you have especially young kids, then this might be a great choice! We happen to have the locations, The Farm and The Old Game Farm. It’s where kids and adults can spend time on a working farm. If you have a young one that is learning about farm animals and is interested in petting some of them, this is for you!