Best Things To do Outside & Near NYC for Great Outdoors Month

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If you’ve been having trouble getting out this summer, we hear you. Nature can take a backseat to our daily lives. But June is National Camping Month! So make some time to thank Mother Nature for all her gifts! Here are some ideas of things we can do to get out this month.

1. A Spontaneous Road Trip to Some Natural Wonders

If you’re feeling impulsive, this is something that can be super fun. Load up with your favorite friends and music and head somewhere. It could be a hiking trail, a drive to the top of a mountain, or just a day trip to Niagara. Roll down the windows and let your elbows hang free. Extra points if you listen to John Denver- Take Me Home, Country Road.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Tentrr is no stranger to scavenger hunts. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have noticed that we did a scavenger hunt around the parks in NYC for our campers! But don’t rely on a third party to create the fun. Gather a group of friends and do a scavenger hunt. You don’t have to create clues. You can do things like finding deer tracks or take a photo of a chipmunk. Compete with some friends and you have a day in the woods!

3. Hiking in the Catskills

There is a reason that hiking in the Catskills is so popular. Some of the best trails in the Northeast are found in the Catskills. We recommend Poet’s Ledge, Twin Mountain (close to our Schoharie Creek location), Catskill Scenic Trail (near our Zeleny Les location).

4. Picnic

Picnics are a simple and classic way to maximize summer fun. Grab a picnic basket, head to the farmer's market, your favorite store or get one of these pre-made picnic baskets. There isn’t a wrong way to have a picnic, unless you’re inside on a clear day. If you’re inside, you might need to evaluate how you got here.

5. Camping

We can't make a list about the outdoors without mentioning our favorite - camping! If you're looking for a way that Tentrr can help you give back to nature check out some of our campsites! Ifyou're interested in booking a camping trip with Tentrr for Great Outdoors month head here