Best Games to Play While Camping

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It isn't camping without games. We made a list of Tentrr tried-and-tested camping games that are sure to give you a good laugh. What is your favorite camping game? Let us know in the comment section!

1. There once was a Skunk:


Get in a circle and one person starts by saying, “There once was a skunk…” then clockwise, you go around and each person adds another line to the story until the story seems to be complete. You’ll be surprised with the lines people come up with. You can play until the story hits a stop or everyone gets a chance to go.

2. Truth or Dare:


Get in a circle and decide who is going to start. The starting player will turn to the person on their right and ask, “Truth or Dare?” If the person answers “truth” they have to answer whatever question they get asked, truthfully, of course. If the person picks dare, the starting player that asked the question has to come up with a funny or embarrassing dare for the player to complete. The question, “Truth or Dare?” then gets passed around the circle until everyone gets a chance to go.

3. Name that Tune:


You’ll need a speaker or device for this one. Again, get in a circle and give the speaker or device to the starting player. The person will then go on their device and choose a song. The first person in the circle to name the song being played, wins that round and gets to pick the next song. Who ever guesses the most songs at the end of the game wins! You can play until you get tired or everyone has at least one chance to go.

4. Two Truths and a Lie:


This is a fun one. Get in a circle and and pick the starting player. The first person to go will state three different things about them, but the catch is, one of them is actually a lie. For example, I have 10 brothers, I have a dog, and I love peanut butter. No one knows the lie (I have 10 brothers) except yourself. Then, everyone will have to guess the lie. You go around the circle until everyone had a chance to say their two truths and a lie. Be creative!

5. Would you Rather?:


This one is like truth or dare. In your circle one person starts and asks the person to their right two things. If they would rather _____ or _____. You can come up with anything you’d like. For example, would you rather, jump off a cliff or fall down a waterfall? Then, the person being asked has to pick one. You keep going in a circle until everyone gets a turn or for however long you would like!

6. 20 Questions:


One person will start and pick an object they can see or think of. Then in a circle everyone will go around and ask a question about the object they are not aware of, trying to figure it out. The questions have to be answered with either “yes” or “no.” Go around the circle until 20 questions are asked about the object or the object is guessed correctly. You can do this for however long you desire.

7. Cards Against Humanity:


This NSFW game is the perfect laugh out loud campfire card game. The rules are simple, one person draws a card that gives each player a prompt. Such as “Things I wouldn’t do with ___.” The job of the players is to fill in the blank with the funniest and filthiest card possible.

Enjoy this list of fun campfire games. Try to play some or maybe all on your next adventure!