Best Campsites for Stargazing

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If you look up in the night sky and see nothing but pitch black and the occasional airplane, you probably live in New York City. You’re lucky to see a single star even in deep Brooklyn or Queens. If you’ve found yourself Googling images of stars because you can’t remember the last time you’ve been able to see any, then maybe this list can help you find a campsite.

1. Davis Hollow Mountain Meadow

This isn't just a great spot for casual enjoyment of the night sky; the owners offer a high-power telescope as an extra. You can see the rings of Saturn with the Celestron Nester 6SE, recommended for any die-hard stargazers.

2. Griffin Mountain Lookout

Located in one of the best, dark sky areas in New York, the landscape is perfect for throwing a blanket on the ground and stargazing.

3. Big Sky

Big Sky, is one of those places where you can just sit on the deck and lookout at a sea of stars. Plus, the campkeepers, make a killer kombucha.

4. Camping At Greenane Farms

Greenane Farms has such a perfect view of the sky that the stars are inescapable. The plateau of the field mimics the surreal flat of the sky. At night the campsite feels like a scene from an otherworldly science fiction movie.

5. Eagle’s Nest

Eagle’s Nest offers an interesting stargazing experience. If you’ve ever wondered what starslook like perched perfectly over the rolling hill of a mountain, then give this place a shot. Just sit in the Adirondack chairs and look up.

6. Klee Meadow

If you’ve ever wanted to stargaze on a rope swing with clear skies in front of you, check out this place. They even offer pick-up and drop-off service for some of the city dwellers who don’t have a car.

7. Hayfield

There’s a perfect, quaint little green hilltop surrounded by other green hilltops that are excellent for stargazing from a campsite that looks like a Thomas Cole painting.