5 Campsites That Represent Different Dads

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If you've decided to up your Father's Day game this year by booking a great outdoors adventure, we can help you. But what campsite is the best fit for your dad? Well, we can help with that too. We think each campsite has a distinct personality. Here are our "campsite dad" matches.

1. The Nerdy Dad

Is your dad a bit of a nerd? Does he have a stash of D&D books under his bed? If your father would rather sell his house than his comic collection to pay for your college, Lothlorien is perfect for him. Not only will he get the Lord of The Rings reference in the campsite name, he’ll feel like he’s wandering through an enchanted territory.

2. The Dad That Wants Quiet

If you’ve got a quiet contemplative kind of Dad who enjoys spending their days off work reading or thinking River's Edge is the perfect place. It's a completely secluded campsite by a river, with a dock perfect to sit out and read. He’ll thank you for his pleasant seclusion.

3. The Dog Dad

Everyone knows the dog dad. You can spot a dog dad by the pounds of fur flying off whichever direction they walk. Camping At Greenane Farms is perfect for them, plenty of open space for both Dad and his dogs. Everyone can have a blast!

4. The Outdoor Enthusiast

If your dad’s ideal vacation is being in the woods, Lovely Apple Grove Retreat couldn’t be a better New York getaway. Your old man will have great fishing spots, trails to hike, and even canoeing if he wants.

5. The Hippie Dad

Were you possibly conceived at a Grateful Dead music festival? Did your dad trade in his Volkswagen with shag carpet for a minivan with a great safety rating? Let your dad kick back and remember the glory days of free spirited debauchery on Woodstock Mountains and Ponds. No doubt the scenery will induce groovy flashbacks to a time where people, non-ironically, wore bell bottoms.