5 Best and Unconventional Things To Cook Over The Campfire

in Food, Campfire

There’s something especially nice about cooking on an open flame. More often than not when you go camping the food of choice is hotdogs, that isn’t a bad choice. However, here are some alternatives that Tentrr loves!

1. Dumplings


We know what you’re thinking, but this is a Tentrr tried and tested recipe. Basically we bought a bunch of dumplings from a chinese restaurant on the way to one of our campsites. Then later that night we put them on the stove, and well, it was great, crispy and crunchy dumplings. This is a method we recommend.

2. Cookie Dough


Cookie Dough If you want something sweet, making cookies over an open fire is fun and easy. All you gotta do is put small balls of cookie dough on the stoke and flip them when they’re brown. You cook them the same way you would a pancake! Any kind of cookie dough will do for this.

3. Woodfire Breadsticks


Breadstick 2 If you aren't roasting something over a stick you aren't camping. Campfire breadsticks are a great savory option to break away constant sweet of s'mores! All you need is canned dough and salt. They can be a great appetizer for your campfire main course. This is something simple and fun that you and the youngins can enjoy.

4. Skillet Cooked Potatoes


Skillet Cooked Potatoes This might be one of the most normal things on the list, but if done right it can be DELICIOUS! Chop em up, put them in the frying pan use oil or butter. The Tentrr recommendation is fry until they are extra crispy cover in hot sauce. Give this hearty snack a shot on your next trip.

5. Hotdog and Egg Scramble


Hotdog Egg Scramble This is more of a personal favorite. This is the best camping breakfast I’ve ever had. Just scramble up some eggs and chop up some hotdogs. After you think you’ve chopped up enough hot dogs, chop up more because there is no such things as too many hotdogs. Great morning breakfast with some coffee.